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No more dealing with...

Definition of Payable Pick

How it works


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+8.8 Units Per Month

65% ATS (vs) 56.5% ATS

Fine Tuning a Trend

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If Your Handicapper gives you losing picks, He should be Paying YOU!...  ...NOT the other way around!



Get Payable Picks Now &
Get Real Value for Your Money!


You Pay Only $5 per pick, We Pay You $10 back for Every Pick that loses!


All Straight-Forward and Timely Picks!


You Choose Which Days to Receive Picks!  Our "Vacation Status" Feature puts you in control.


Free High-Value Bonus Picks!


No BS, No Tricks, Just Superior Value Always!


No more dealing with this....

...Imagine if you paid a sports handicapping service $100 to give you a months worth of winning picks, but instead they gave you a lousy run of only 39 wins and 51 losses.

They would keep your $100 while you get closer to broke and left out in the cold!  That's Total B.S.!!!

Ok...They would probably offer you 1 more months worth of picks at no additional cost, but what if their picks came up lousy again?  You would still be out $100!



With Payable Picks you never have to worry about losing your hard earned money to cappers who don't know what they're doing.

With Payable Picks, Not only do you NOT pay for losing picks, You also Get Paid Back $10 for Each and Every Pick that loses, as long as you were charged $5 for the pick initially.

If we gave you a pathetic run of 39-51, we would NOT charge you anything and would actually pay you an extra $60 out of our own pockets!   But don't expect us to give you a lousy run because We want to Earn Your Trust by giving you picks that can actually make you money. 


Definition of a Payable Pick

A Payable Pick is just like a regular sports pick such as... 
 GB Packers -3.5 ov Chi Bears  OR  NY Mets @ -112 ov Hou Astros
...Except that it Guarantees you fair compensation by paying you double your money back if it results in a losing pick.


Here's how it works...


1. You purchase a $99.00 Payable Picks Package from below which includes a small one-time fee of just $29.


2. $70.00 of your purchase price goes into an online Payable Picks Account that is set up Specifically for You!


3. Next, you receive access to the Payable Picks webpage where you'll be able to Sign-In to your account and receive 2 to 3 Payable Picks each day on average.

Your Payable Picks Account will initally be charged $5 per Payable Pick each day when the picks are uploaded to your webpage.


4. Go to your favorite sportsbook and place your bets.


5. At the end of each day Your Payable Picks Account will be updated.  If any Payable Picks lose, Your Account will be credited $10 for each loss (Your Initial $5 plus an additional $5).  If any Payable Picks results in a "Push" or tie, your account will be refunded $5 for each push!

You will Not receive credit back for any picks unless you were initially charged for the Pick to begin with.



With $70 in Your Payable Picks Account, here are two examples of what you may see on your first day...


**  Example 1  **

With 3 Payable Picks that result in 2 Wins and 1 Loss.

1 - Early in the day Your Payable Picks Account will be charged $15 ($5 x 3 Picks) when the picks are uploaded to your webpage.

2 -  With 1 losing Payable Pick We Will Credit Your Payable Picks Account $10 ($10 x 1 losing pick)

 -$15 - Your initial charge for the 3 picks
+$10 - Your Credit for 1 losing pick
  -$5 - You pay only $5 for the picks going 2-1.

Your Payable Picks Account balance would go from $70 to $65.

**  Example 2  **

With 3 Payable Picks that result in 1 Win and 2 Losses.

1 - Early in the day Your Payable Picks Account will be charged $15 ($5 x 3 Picks) when the picks are uploaded to your webpage.

2 -  With 2 losing Payable Picks We'll Credit Your Payable Picks Account $20 ($10 x 2 losing picks)

 -$15 - Your initial charge for the 3 picks
+$20 - Your Credit for 2 losing picks
 +$5 - You Net $5 Credit for the picks going 1-2.

Your Payable Picks Account balance would go from $70 to $75.


Now, if you Give us a try for a month and we give you a respectable run of 43 wins and only 32 losses (ATS), it will cost you an even $55, bringing Your Payable Picks Account Balance from $70 down to $15, but check this out...

First off, the picks we give you will include both favorites and underdogs. With an average money line of -110 and a Win/Loss record of 43-32 (57.33% ATS), Here's how much Money You could expect to Make...

...If you bet $110 on each wager that has a -110 moneyline to make $100 profit from each bet, then...

# of Wins 43 x +$100  = +$4,300

# of Losses 32 x -$110 = -$3,520

+$4,300 - $3,520 = +$780

That's $780 Profit from Your Bets in Just 1 month!



Now, you would have paid only $55 for the Payable Picks going 43-32 so subtract that from the $780 and you still come away with a net profit of $725!

Even if you typically bet only $50 units, based on this example you could expect to make $362.50 on your bets and a net profit of $307.50 after paying for picks!



As you probably know, the $780 profit in the previous example means that we made +7.8 units profit in one month.  During a recent period of handicapping MLB, NFL & NHL we produced a profit of +52.82 units in just 6 months which is an average of +8.8 units per month.

During that 6 month period we had a win-loss record of 192-154.  If you subtract 192-154 you get 38. Multiply 38 x $5 to get $190.  This is how much you would have paid for Payable Picks during that 180 day time frame, however, those picks would have made you $5,282 profit as a $100 unit bettor.

Take ($5,282 - $190) to get a Net Profit of $5,092.

Note - If you're wondering how we made 52.82 units of profit with a win-loss record of 192-154, it's because we had many picks that were MLB & NHL underdogs which gave us better overall value. Plus, we incorporate a very unique "units to bet" value for each pick which gives our picks even greater value for your money.



Do You Really Want

Before you answer that, consider this...

65% ATS  (vs)  56.5% ATS

Just like the interest rate on a loan, the % is NOT necessarily the most important number to pay attention to.  65% ATS is a great winning percentage, but what's often More Important is the Volume of Quality Picks that you're getting.

If you're hitting 65% ATS but only able to get 3 strong picks per week then you would earn only +3.45 units per month on average.

Now, if you're hitting only 56.5% ATS but with a higher volume of picks such as 3 picks per day, then you would gain a much higher profit of about +7.8 units per month. 

It all comes down to Strength in Numbers.  The bottom line is that you will almost always Make More Money when utilizing a higher volume of picks. 

Note - We use many different types of trends to generate our picks.  As an example, we may locate a single trend that hits 57% ATS and produces an average of +3.72 units of profit.  From there we'll attempt to fine tune that trend to get more value from it.  We're often able to increase it's hit rate to 82% ATS but with much fewer picks and an average of only +3.14 units of profit.  In this example, we would gain 18.5% more profit by using the trend at 57% ATS.  Over time and through the use of multiple trends this Pays HUGE Dividends.



By Straight Forward, we mean that we'll give you sports picks that you can use at virtually any Sportsbook.  In other words, we will NOT give you picks for games that are hard to find.

Our picks are on games from six of the most popular U.S. Sporting events to include NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAAF, and NCAAB.

Most of our Picks in Football and Basketball are ATS.  MLB and NHL Picks are generally on moneylines, but we often find great value with runs lines in MLB and canadian lines or sometimes referred to as puck lines in NHL games.

The majority of Picks that you'll receive from us will be on moneylines for MLB and NHL since we are strongest at producing profit in these two sports. This is actually very good news for you because these two sports run back to back all year long.



By Timely Picks, we are talking about a benefit that is two-fold.  First off, it's our policy to provide our picks to you ASAP.  We respect your time and will make every effort to release our picks to your account at least two hours prior to start time of the first game related to our picks each day.

Secondly, most of us are full aware of line-moves.  Sometimes the line for a game may be +6.5 early in the day and end up going down to +5.5 or up to +7.5 by the time the game actually starts.

For this reason, we post our picks to your Payable Picks Account as soon as possible after we've decided on our picks each day; this way our picks are Always Timely!


Also, we'll post picks to your account only 1 time daily.  This benefits you because once you have the picks for the day there will NOT be any additions and therefore You DON'T have to keep checking back.

More on Line Moves...

If one of our picks says to take: GB Packers -3.5 over Chi Bears, then it will stay at -3.5 in regards to Payable Picks.

For example: If your Sportsbook has the GB Packers at -2.5 and the Packers end up winning the game 31-28, you would actually win your bet, plus, the pick that we gave you would be a loss, therefore we would credit your Payable Picks Account $10.

In that case it would be a Win-Win Pick for you, meaning that you would win your bet and we would also pay you for it.  Obviously, this could go both ways, but because our picks are Always Timely, there will rarely be much variance in lines.


Take a Vacation whenever you want and you'll never have to worry about paying for picks that you can't use while you're away.  This very useful feature lets You choose which days you want to receive picks!

When you login to your Payable Picks online account, you will have the option to set your account to "Vacation Status"...

...This allows you to take some time off from receiving picks if you don't plan on betting for 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 10 days or more if you choose.

You simply set your account to "Vacation Status" before you leave, then when you return home you can select "Active Status" and you'll start receiving picks again.



As a Payable Picks Client you'll receive High-Value Bonus Picks.  These are Just as Valuable as Payable Picks but they come to you Completely Free as part of Your Payable Picks Package.

Bonus Picks are Essentially High-Value Free Picks that are ONLY provided to Payable Picks customers.

These Free Bonus Picks alone can easily produce an average annual profit of 8 to 15 units at no extra cost to you.  




Why are we doing this?

First of all, We've been capping sports long enough to know how to turn a nice profit on a consistent basis.

Also, it's very important that we earn your trust.  We believe that Cappers who get paid for betting advice should be held accountable for the picks they provide to their customers.

Our methods will soon revolutionize the sports capping industry.  The betting public is tired of getting ripped off from cappers who don't offer fair compensation.

We are changing that right here.



So, What's the catch?

We do require a small one-time $29 account set-up fee. You will have the option at any time to make additional deposits at no extra charge.

When you purchase a Payable Picks Package, we ask that you leave your initial deposit in your Payable Picks Account long enough for us to provide you with at least 100 Payable Picks (about 30 to 45 days) to give us sufficient time to prove that we can make you money.

Even the best handicappers will experience losing steaks, so by allowing us to give you 100 Payable Picks you will be able to see the picks pay off for you.  It's all about making a good profit over the long run.

Upon purchasing a Payable Picks Package, your account will have a balance of $70. If your balance runs low then that obviously means that we've been giving you good profitable picks.

If your balance runs out before we provide you with 100 Payable Picks You will not be obligated in any way to purchase more picks, but we'd be very surprised if you didn't.

Anytime after you receive at least 100 Payable Picks, if you choose, you'll have the option to withdraw either a portion or all of the money from your Payable Picks Account, plus or minus any charge or credit from the Payable Picks you receive.

Remember, with any other handicapping service, they wouldn't EVER offer you a withdrawal, even if they gave you a lousy run of picks. However, because we Double Your Money Back for any losing picks and refund you for any picks that result in a "Push", it is possible that you could have additional money to withdrawal from your Payable Picks Account.



Now that you've found a sports handicapping service that will truly give you superior value for your money, don't waste another day with the other guys.

We have the Experience and the Accountability to back up our picks.  Something you're not likely to see anywhere else.

Space is limited for this Unprecedented Special Offer!  If You're reading this now, then this is Your Chance to Get Reliable Sports Picks that truly Pay You Back!


Upon Purchasing Your Payable Picks Package from below You'll also receive the ebook titled "How to Generate Max Profits with Your Payable Picks Account!"

Get Started Now!


Payable Picks Package    -   $99

$70 will go into Your New Payable Picks Account, plus a one-time $29 account set-up fee.

By clicking on the "Agree and Continue" button below to proceed with your order, you are stating that you have read, understand, and agree with the terms and conditions.  You will then be taken to a secure order page at  After completing your order through PayPal, click on the Return to Payable Picks link to receive important details about your new Payable Picks Account.



We're serious about helping you succeed at sports betting!



Sports Betting

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